Pura Vida Family

This space is for all the children of the world! Pura Vida is fighting for YOUR future! Some time it is not easy to coordinate with adults, because some are ignorant, bureaucratic or selfish. But we have to be one family because we have this dream, that children can change the world, all children of the whole world! And now its not so difficult anymore, because if every one is an example and if everyone of us is separating and recycling our own trash and elaborating his own eco-blocks (ecoblock, eco-brick o ecobrick), than we can construct a new world, with no trash and lots of respect for nature!

If you too want to form part of the Pura Vida family contact us and send us your information and photos of your actions or any kind of construction with your Eco-Blocks.

San Marcos La Laguna 2004

In San Marcos la Laguna all children know how to recycle there waste and to elaborate there Eco-blocks, because Pura Vida was born here. We have made a bench for the library, a 20 meter wall and so far 3 houses and several eco-bathrooms.

La Cambalacha 2005

La Cambalacha also lives in San Marcos, they are making art for everybody and they are our big friends. The Cambalacha is always in our recycle party’s and of course they are recycling all there waste!

Panabaj, Santiago Atitlán 2006

The children of the refuge camp together with Katy a Peace Corp voluntary have 2000 Eco-blocks recycled! Pura Vida together with “Save the children” and the children of the camp have transformed a temporary shelter into a house.

Colegio Montessori, Ciudad Capital de Guatemala 2006

At the Montessori collage in Guatemala City there exists the “Guardians of nature”. They are learning how to recycle plastic waste and made several transportable MEGA Eco-block for there theater stage.

San Juan La Laguna 2007

In San Juan La Laguna the little mermaid from Lake Atitlan showed up and sang her song: “If you want your lake to be crystal clear- You better don’t throw trash in here!” The next day all the kids started to make there Eco-blocks- as you see!

San Juan La Laguna "Tradiciones Mayas" 2008

San Juan La Laguna, Lisi School with Hug It Forward support 2011

The students made great awareness campaigns among the population of San Juan to develop part of its eco-brick school.



Pujujilito, Sololá 2007

In Pujujulito, LAGUN ARTEAN is working for a clean village. Children with there mothers and fathers together learning how to separate and recycle there trash. They have built a Pura Vida wall around there launderette.

Santa Maria El Tablón, Sololá 2007

Here too promoters from Lagun Artean have worked and before X.mas we made a big trading party: We traded pencils, schoolbooks and little donation gifts from a school in Germany for Eco-blocks!

Buena Vista - Uspantan, Quiché 2008

Wau! 8000 Eco-blocks have been collected to build a whole school! To all the children and the peace corp voluntaries: Congratulation!

San Pablo La Laguna 2008

Pura Vida did the “Education in action” campaign and many helped and the children learned not to throw trash, but to recycle it! Many Eco-blocks are ready now to build the walls of there recycle-centre!

Panajachel, Sololá 2008

The supervisor of education ordered to all 18 schools that each student had to recycle one Eco-block! And together with the teachers we are building the first “Eco-mini –market” at the “Capulin School” Look at our Video!

Corazon del Bosque

Here the population, with help from the Peace Corps volunteers, has constructed a mini collection center for recyclable materials, which helps to maintain the cleanliness of the park and serves as a model where the public can visit and observe.

Fundación Defensores de la Naturaleza 2009

Tikal National Park 2009

This is an example where the municipality of Flores and Protected Areas, in this case the Tikal Park, come together to benefit the surrounding community conservation projects, reusing the plastic. The project has become a training center for women in the community. Subsequently, inter-agency support aims to replicate this in other communities.
Tikal has provided approximately 32 000 plastic bottles for construction.



Esquipulas / Chiquimula 2009

The Construction of a library in Esquipulas is a project of the Catholic Church by young American Christians, developed by the initiative of the religious congregation "Sisters Martha and Mary", with approx. 4,000 eco-bricks.



Granados, Alta Verapaz 2009

In Granados, Alta Verapaz, Peace Corps with the community were able to build a multipurpose room, which includes 2 classrooms, a library and a computer room ... they used metal columns which requires welding techniques. They produced more than 5,000 eco-bricks.



Santa Cruz La Laguna 2009

The Training Center was built partially with Eco-bricks by the "Friends of Santa Cruz".



Jacaltenango Huehuetenango 2009

Here Peace Corps built a school kitchen with eco-bricks.



Sepalau, Chisec, Altaverapaz 2010

Peace Corps with support from Hug it Forward built a classroom.



San Jorge La Laguna 2010

First Eco-Classroom with training to other institutions from Pura Vida.



San Jorge La Laguna 2011

The follow-up was building a second Eco-Classroom with the support of students of the University del Valle/Solola.



Aldea El Tablón, Sololá 2010

Improvement of environmental sanitation in the School Miguel García Granados, Central Caserio, a project of the Seminar is a mini-collection center for recyclable materials by a group of Diversified students.



San Carlos Sija / Quetzaltenango 2010

Vista Hermosa school with 225 students, built a perimeter wall 40 linear meters eco-bricks and also made a wall of tires. Supported by the NGO Hug It Forward and the Peace Corps.



Caserio Las Cerezas / Quetzaltenango 2010

The village school Cerezas, San Carlos Sija (Quetzaltenango), with a construction which is being built with "eco-bricks" in order to mitigate the negative environmental impact caused by the plastic. Supported by the NGO Hug It Forward and the Peace Corps.



San Francisco el Alto / Totonicapan 2010

The largest construction in the world is being built with 40,000 eco-bricks:! Congratulations to Urban Mixed School Epes supported by the USAC and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. -in process-



Chinique de las flores, Quiche 2011

Students of the third semester in medical school in the area of Professional Nursing Rafael Landivar University department of Quiche recycled together with the Official School of the Colony mixed rural New Jerusalem the garbage dumped in the woods and turned it into a new classroom.



San Bartolomé Jocotenango, Quiche 2011

The action for a comprehensive sustainable development "United for San Bartolome" made by the municipality, CONALFA, ODEC, photosynthesis-Architecture + recycling: 850 women made together 5.928 Eco-Bricks for a classroom.



Las Naranjales, San Bartolome Jocotenango, Quiche 2012

850 women and children recycling 5900 eco block, (eco-block, eco brick or eco-brick) students from S.O.S. Canada financing and volunteering with the construction. May to August




México, Huiricuta – Real de Catorce 2008

Here some children formed the “Pura Vida Catorce” group and recycled there Eco-blocks and made an Eco-container from 4 panels.

Bolivia 2008

Dita was the first tourist ever who came to this village in the mountains. She brought a PURA VIDA MANUAL and made together with the teacher and the whole school a recycle action.

Perú, Machupichu 2008

The teacher of the school wrote us an e-mail to learn how to construct with Eco-blocks and also here Dita brought a manual. We are waiting to get there photos mailed!

Nicaragua, Escuela de la Comedia 2008

El Salvador

This house was built from empty plastic bottles by Maria Ponce, 76, who lives in the village of El Borbollon, El Salvador. Maria built this house in 2003 with plastic bottles because she did not have enough money to make it in the usual way. Below, Maria stands inside of her home, showing off the roof, which is also built from plastic bottles.
Plastic Bottle House: Interior, A closer look at the flooring of Maria's plastic bottle home. (Pura Vida´s Grandmother)


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