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The gods, Heart of the Sky and Heart of the Earth, created the world. The waters parted and a land of mountains, valleys and streams appeared. When the fruit of their labors was revealed in all its glory, and the gods saw the beauty of the earth and its creatures, they decided that it needed guardians...

Sacred book of the Quiché Maya, discovered in Santo Tomás Chuilá, now known as Chichicastenango, at the beginning of the 18th century.




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How to Stop Humans From Filling the World With Trash

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A group in Guatemala called Pura Vida is already working on a low-tech version of the same idea; it promotes the use of a building material it calls an eco block, eco-block, eco brick, eco-brick,...





Trash collection day

The majority of villages in Guatemala have no official trash dumps or systems to collect and contain their trash. Trash is dumped on the ground, in lakes and in rivers. Vital drinking water is being contaminated. Children are playing in garbage and disease is being spread.


Pura Vida Mission:

To promote holistic consciousness among the indigenous villages of Guatemala, in order to curb the contamination of air, soil and water, promote healthier living conditions, and preserve the beauty of the land.



Overall Soda Consumption per Person

The world wide consuming of enbottled water since 1997 has tripled to aprox. 240 millions of liters, which are sold in plastic bottles!

...The majority of villages in Guatemala have no official trash dumps or system to contain their trash....

About Pura Vida:

Pura Vida started as a pilot project in January 2005 in the village of San Marcos la Laguna in order to solve the community’s trash problem. After two years of experience the Pura Vida pilot project is emerging as an ecological movement around Lake Atitlán.

PURA VIDA is not an association nor a Non Profit Organization, but an independent movement! For that reason we do not receive much financing, we don’t have a public office or salaried employees. PLEASE take this into consideration!

Through these educational materials and concepts, which are constantly being updated, we offer you help and guidance. The ability to change the situations at home, in school or in your village regarding better waste management must come from your own passion and hard work.

Pura Vida believes that as part of nature, human beings are responsible for the waste we produce. Communities must share this responsibility with environmental organizations, corporations, local political authorities, teachers, parents and children. Pura Vida is building with trash while building the environmental consciousness of communities.